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When and Why Would a Paediatrician Expert Witness be Instructed by a Solicitor?

In many cases, a paediatric expert witness is indispensible to a solicitor. The depth and breadth of knowledge which a paediatric expert witness has attained through extensive training, research, and years of clinical experience enable an informed perspective when assessing patients and evidence in legal cases involving children. Indeed, the instruction of a paediatrician expert witness can uncover essential evidence which would otherwise have been missed by the solicitor. This can give substantial strength and direction to a solicitor’s case. As providers of the most targeted network of UK expert witnesses, we want to share how a paediatrician expert witness can inform the carriage of justice and support the wellbeing of young and vulnerable individuals.

The Importance of Choosing the Most Suited Paediatric Expert Witness

Having specialised in paediatric medicine, paediatricians are doctors whose work is concerned with the management of medical conditions affecting young people, children, and babies. The experience of a paediatric expert witness will be varied since the field is so vast and includes a range of medical problems including disease, injury, allergies, physiological developmental problems, to name a few. When choosing a paediatrician expert witness for your case, it is crucial that they have the specific experience required to perform the specialist assessments and evaluations pertaining your case. In doing so, the paediatrician expert witness may add significant strength to your case.

Cases which May Require a Paediatrician Expert Witness

As highlighted above, the scope of work that a paediatrician covers is extensive. It is therefore unsurprising that a paediatric expert witness is often called upon in equally extensive case types. A complex and particularly sensitive area of medicine, paediatric medico-legal cases are not uncommon. A paediatrician expert witness may be instructed in cases of medical malpractice, misdiagnoses, missed diagnoses, adverse or allergic response to medication, patient negligence, and failure to properly inform a child patient’s parents or guardian about the treatments and procedures. Of course, a paediatric expert witness will also be asked to assist in cases where a child has suffered any physical or sexual abuse. In any case, they can offer the necessary sensitivity and attention.

Accurate Paediatric Assessments

When instructed to a medico-legal case, a paediatrician expert witness will be required to do assessments of the evidence which is already available as well as assessments of the patient.
In cases of malpractice or medical mistakes, the paediatrician expert witness may understand how and why the incident occurred and with whom, if anyone, the liability lies. They may also accurately assess the impact the incident had on the child patient’s health and recovery. In cases of abuse, the paediatric expert witness may be able to offer a far greater understanding of the physical damage caused to a child, and for how long the abuse may have been happening.

A Comprehensive Paediatric Expert Report and Expert Opinion

In performing a series of in-depth assessments, the paediatric expert witness may make informed and potentially transformative conclusions. These conclusions and the methods taken to reach them must be documented in a paediatric expert report. Whilst it is necessary that the report is accurate and detailed, it must also be written in an accessible form for those without a shared expert knowledge. This report can be used by the solicitor to develop their case and as evidence in court. The paediatric expert witness may also be requested to give an expert opinion in court when it is directly relating to the case and their position. A recognised and respected standing, the opinion of the paediatrician expert witness may help the court in coming to its final decision.
If you require a paediatrician expert witness, Foresight can ensure that you find the one best-suited to your case. Get in touch with one of our experienced case managers for further information.



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