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When is a Psychology Report Necessary?

The involvement of a psychology expert witness can add significant weight to a given case. The years of study and clinical practice dedicated to their discipline enables a psychologist expert to perform the necessary assessments of individuals alongside given evidence. The psychological assessment methods undertaken and the conclusions made as a result must be written into a comprehensive report which can then be used in court to inform the final judgement. Foresight Clinical Services are providers of the most targeted network of expert witnesses in the UK. Here we use our expertise in psychology expert witness assignment to share when psychological reports are needed in a case.

Specialist Information Required For Final Decision

As qualifies the experts within the Foresight system, our HCPC registered chartered psychologists are able to direct their highly specialised knowledge and experience to a case, in order to demystify the psychology of the individuals involved. This level of expertise required to understand the impact of mental health, behavioural disorders, learning disabilities and neurodevelopmental conditions in complex situations is not held by the judge, jury, and solicitors. It is therefore essential that a highly competent professional deliver this specialised information in a report which is both detailed and accessible, enabling fair trial as a result.

Psychology Report for Family Law and Child Protection Cases

Family Law is a multi-layered and varied discipline. Where trauma or abuse has occurred and likewise in cases of on-going substance abuse, the psychologist expert can produce a report on the psychological impact. They are particularly astute in performing their psychological assessments alongside an understanding of any external factors including: socio-economic, cases of separation and divorce, disputed immigration/asylum status, and varied cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

By documenting the psychological profiles of each relevant individual and reporting on, where necessary, the mental capacity and competence, capacity to change, ability to meet all the needs of a child, the court can make a far more informed and justified judgement.
In cases where a child is required to give testimony, the psychology expert witness can assess the veracity of their testimony and therefore the weight it should carry in court.

Criminal Justice Where Mental Health is a Factor

One of the main roles of a psychology expert witness who has been appointed to a criminal defence case is to assess and determine where possible the extent to which the offenders actions were influenced by their mental illness or behavioural disorder. Their expertise allows them to decipher the motivations of the individual and as such, whether harm was intended or was the collateral damage of their mental health manifestation in the incident. Documenting this in a psychology report will aid the solicitor in producing their criminal defence case, as well as the court who can make an informed decision with consideration of the report conclusions.

Assessment of Risk or Self-Harm in Sentencing for Criminal Defence Case

Where the accused has been found guilty of criminal behaviour, the psychology report is required to document the risk that particular sentences would pose for the offender. The conclusions taken from in-depth assessments of the individual’s mental health and psychological stability can be relayed to the court, presenting the psychology expert’s opinion on what type of sentence would best suit the vulnerable offender. For example, a conventional prison may not be able to offer the professional psychological support required ensuring their safety from harm or self-harm; in this case a specialist hospital can be suggested.

If you require a comprehensive and well-structure psychology report that is on time and on budget, get in touch with one of our case managers where we can find you the best-matched psychology expert witness.



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