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Who can Solicitors Turn to In Cyber-Crime Cases?

The modern world is driven by technology. In medicine, communications, banking, in both personal and professional capacities, technological advancements are simultaneously supporting and controlling our lives. Becoming increasingly dependent upon these devices, technology has become increasingly the target of criminal activity. Computers, mobile phones, entire security systems are more and more frequently attacked by cyber criminals or facilitate their criminal activity.

As providers of the most targeted network of expert witnesses, we are seeing a rise in solicitors looking to instruct IT Forensic expert witnesses and cell site analysis experts. It is unsurprising since the use of computerised technology is so vast, that it is often the platform for crimes such as money laundering, fraud, cyber-attacks, blackmail, and drug crime. Here we share what type of expert witness a solicitor can turn to when dealing with a cyber-crime case, and why.

An IT Forensic Expert Witness to Understand the Complexities of Cyber-Crime

Undoubtedly, technology is a fascinating and essential part of our development and improvement. In its most basic form, technology pushes efficiency, and at its best it can change lives for the better. However, when this fundamental technology is abused, it can be destructive to the billions of us who rely upon it. Computers are incredibly complex machines; certainly to those without the extensive knowledge base of IT experts. Where cyber-crime has been committed, the instruction of an IT Forensic Expert Witness can provide significant and vital information that a solicitor may otherwise have missed. In cases of fraud and identity theft, scamming, phishing, cyber-bullying, and similar, computers will often be seized and require investigation by an IT Forensic expert witness.

Cell Site Analysis Expert for Cases of Cyber-Crime

In essence, the modern mobile phones are mobile computers. Long gone are the days where only phone calls and text messages were sent between correspondents. Of course, in a lot of criminal activity, particularly drug related crime, a basic mobile phone may be used in order to reduce the tracking potential. In any case, cell site analysis is crucial to the legal proceedings and will often produce weighted evidence. Cell site analysis can determine the geographical location of a mobile phone or device at the time that a given crime was committed. When disproving or confirming an alibi or the location of the individuals involved, this information gathered during cell site analysis can be used directly. An IT Forensic witness can perform such analyses including a cell site survey, cell mapping and call sequencing.

Forensic Accountant Expert Witness in Cyber-Crime

In many cases, cyber-crime will involve fraudulent activity and money laundering. When a solicitor is given such a case, a forensic accounting expert witness may be required in addition to the expertise of an IT Forensic expert witness. As experts within their field, our forensic accountants are able to apply their experience in financial investigations to analyse and evaluate suspected criminal behaviour with the accuracy that someone without their acute eye for such details may not be able to achieve.

Expert Comprehensive Report to be used in Court

The evidence collected by an expert witness and the methods by which they did so must be documented in a detailed expert witness report. The report must also be written in a form whereby non-experts of the court may understand and interpret the evidence provided. Invaluable to a solicitor for whom the report will offer weight and direction in their case, when delivered to the court, the evidence may help to inform their final decision and see that justice is achieved.
If you require an IT Forensic expert, or indeed any expert associated with cyber-crime, please get in touch with one of our dedicated case managers who can assist you in finding the best expert witness for your case.



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