Feb 11, 2020 by Foresight

Why choose Foresight?

Whatever the case may be - criminal, family or immigration - your time is vital and shouldn’t be spent searching through CVs to find the ideal expert witness for your case. At Foresight, we do the hard work for you, making the sourcing process easier and enabling you to spend more time on other important matters.

Years of expertise

With almost 15 years’ experience in sourcing the most suitable expert witnesses for legal professionals across the country, we understand what our clients expect from an expert witness.

It simply isn’t enough for an expert to only have the right qualifications. At Foresight, we believe an expert witness should be as highly experienced in providing evidence in court as they are highly qualified. That’s why we have a stringent recruitment process, subjecting each and every one of our prospective expert witnesses to quality checks. We ensure all of our experts - whether they are a Psychiatrist, Cell Site Analyst or Child Psychologist - hold valid qualifications, are registered, hold indemnity insurance and are trial-ready.

Coordinating multiple reports

A violent crime may need multiple expert witness reports. For example, the defendant may require a Psychological Report, while the victim might need a Forensic Medical Report to assess the extent of their injuries. Furthermore, if the crime involves a fatality, a Forensic Pathology Expert Witness may also be required to gather evidence for use in court.

As we have a panel of over 750 eminent expert witnesses, we’re able to coordinate all of the expert witnesses for you.

A dedicated Account Manager for all cases

Once instructed, we’ll assign a dedicated Account Manager for your case who will be your one point of contact throughout. Our Account Managers understand that every case is unique and will be responsible for your case from instruction to completion, ensuring your needs are met while providing further information on any enquiries you may have.

Our Expert Panel

Since our inception, we have been committed to growing the most eminent panel of expert witnesses in the country - and we’re proud to say our Expert Panel contains the best of the best. From Psychology and Psychiatry to Forensic Science and Mobile Phone Analysis - even Lip Readers, Meteorologists and Gemologists - our panel is as far-reaching as it is renowned.

No matter the discipline, no matter the deadline, we will find the most suitable expert witness for your unique requirements. Discuss your case with one of our team today - call us on 0330 088 9000.



0330 088 9000


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