Oct 14, 2019 by Foresight

Why Do You Need A Forensic Medical Examiner Working On Your Case?

Drawing on a wealth of hands-on experience within the medical field, Forensic Medical Examiners are instructed for criminal law cases because of their unique ability to identify the extent and cause of an injury. Using their years of expertise, Forensic Medical Examiners deliver well-informed opinions on violent attacks and can even demystify suspicious deaths.

But what exactly is a Forensic Medical Examiner and how can they benefit your case? We’re taking a deeper look into the profession to discover how their expert opinion can help your legal case.

What is the role of a Forensic Medical Examiner?

Whether it’s a suspicious death or injury, a Forensic Medical Examiner will firstly use their expertise by reading through existing evidence provided by the police. They will then conduct their own analysis of the victim’s injuries, determining the type, the extent and what force was used in the act to cause the injury.

For example, in cases where the victim has suffered a bodily injury, a Forensic Medical Examiner will identify whether the damage has been inflicted by a punch or kick. Not only that, they will determine the validity of police reports, findings and evidence - conducting their own research into the case to deliver a thorough, informed conclusion.

What qualifications does a Forensic Medical Examiner have?

All Forensic Medical Examiners have a background in medicine and have either worked for the NHS or the private healthcare sector at some point in their career. This gives Forensic Medical Examiners exceptional knowledge of medicine, enabling them to expertly handle cases concerning bodily injuries.

Which types of cases does a Forensic Medical Examiner work on?

Forensic Medical Examiners can be used for a variety of criminal law cases. Some Forensic Medical Examiners specialise in assessing victims of sexual assault, while others have expertise in examining children who may be suffering from abuse. In cases where Forensic Medical Examiners are called out to assess those detained in custody, their assessments will evaluate the detainee’s fitness to be interviewed as well as their mental state.

As the authority on examining a victim’s injuries, the Forensic Medical Examiner can overturn a previously held opinion on how and when the victim was attacked and with how much force. Following this, they document their conclusions in a report which can be used by a solicitor to strengthen their case and use as evidence in court, alongside police reports and witness statements.

Choosing Foresight to source the most suitable expert witness for your case

At Foresight, we understand finding the right Forensic Medical Examiner is crucial to your case. With access to a network of over 750 expert witnesses, we’ll streamline this process, taking the time to assess your case’s needs and sourcing the most suitable Forensic Medical Examiner for you.

Once instructed, we’ll also assign a dedicated Account Manager to your case, who will be your one point of contact throughout, ready to answer any questions you may have - enquire today.


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