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Why is a Psychology Expert Witness’ Report so Crucial and What Will it Include?

When a psychology expert witness is instructed by a solicitor they may conduct the necessary assessments and make the appropriate diagnosis on the individual in question. Following their examination of the individual and the evidence of the case, they will compile their findings and conclusions into a psychological report for court. In this article you will find out more about the role of these experts in court, the information which may be found in one of their reports and how long such a document takes to produce.

Why Might a Solicitor Instruct the Services of a Psychology Expert Witness?

Due to the varied field and application of Psychology, an expert witness who specialises in the subject may be of assistance in a plethora of cases. They may, for example, be instructed in order to carry out a series of psychological tests to ascertain the readiness of an individual for court. In another case they may be instructed to assess the capability of parents to look after their children in custody cases or cases of abuse. Essentially their role in the court room is based around giving clarity to complex psychological matters in order that the judge and jury can better understand the behaviour and mental capabilities of the individuals involved in a case.

What Will a Psychology Expert Witness Write in Their Report

The style and content of a psychology report will unsurprisingly vary depending on the nature of the trial and the individuals involved. A psychology expert witness report may give a detailed written summary following a cognitive assessment of an individual. Another report may be slightly less detailed, in the form of a fitness to plead document. Though the production of this document requires an in-depth understanding of the human psyche, it serves to answer the question of whether an individual is fit to stand trial, and therefore is simpler in its purpose. The reports written by psychology expert witnesses are complex in their nature however, they are all written in a way in which they may be understood by those who do not share their psychological expertise. This ensures that the evidence presented may be utilised fully and is accessible to those with a basic understanding of Psychology.

A Psychology Expert Witness Report from Foresight

In many cases it is essential to have a fast turnaround when it comes to receiving your psychology expert witness’ report. The speed at which you will receive a psychology report for court will differ between expert witness providers. Therefore it is imperative that you use an expert witness provider who can guarantee that you will receive your report in time for court. As a leading provider of expert witnesses we understand this, the dedicated case managers at Foresight work to ensure that your report is produced in a timely fashion and available at the earliest convenience. Contact us today to find out more about our services. 


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