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Why Might a Solicitor Instruct a Forensic IT Expert Witness?

With technology ever-evolving in its application and complexity, we are increasingly reliant on it in everyday life. Everything from healthcare systems to banking and governmental infrastructures are now entirely dependent upon complex computer systems to sustain them. The increasing importance and prevalence of technology has also come with a similarly significant growth in the rate of online fraud, hacking, money laundering and all other manner of online crimes. When an online crime is committed there is often some trail of the activity left behind, however, to the average person this trail may be seemingly unimportant or incomprehensible. In cases of online crimes, a forensic IT expert witness can add clarity to an evidence base which very few can understand.

What Can a Forensic IT Expert Witness Add to a Court Case

Due to the vast uses of technology, there are many ways in which online crime and technology crime can be committed. In these cases it is very rarely straightforward for somebody without expertise in IT to deduce the origin, nature or scale of the crime. A forensic IT expert witness adds a professional clarity to a court case; their expertise allows them to review the evidence available with a keen eye for the intricate details and tell-tale signs of technological criminal activity. They are therefore highly useful with the following:

Analysing Evidence Stored on Hard Drives

When it comes to online crime there often is no crime scene, and therefore it is the devices and their storage which are in need of thorough examination. IT forensic experts examine operating systems and files held on a hard drive to identify whether the individual who used the device was involved in any criminal activity and the extent to which they were involved. This process will aid in identifying when a file was edited, as well as whom by, when it was created and whether attempts were made to hide it.

Using Cell Site Analysis to Identify an Individual’s Location

Cell site analysis has the capability to determine whether an individual was present at the scene of a crime by geographically approximating the location of a phone. By tracing cell data records, experts can identify the time and date of a call or text, the first cell ID used to facilitate a communication and the last cell ID used. This data can give an indication of an individual’s whereabouts at the time of a crime, which can help to prove or disprove an alibi.

Finding Your Forensic IT Expert Witness Through Foresight

From data interpretation and deleted data recovery, to cloud storage investigations and system analysis, a forensic IT expert witness can add a great deal of clarity to a court case. Examining such a wealth of data can be an arduous task and therefore it is essential that an expert should be on hand to thoroughly conduct this research. Like the task at hand itself, finding a court ready and experienced forensic IT expert witness can be an arduous task too. If you require an IT expert for your case then get in touch today and let one of our dedicated case managers find the right forensic IT expert witnesses for your case.


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