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Why Would a Solicitor Instruct a Pathologist Expert Witness?

That pathology is primarily involved with the study of dead bodies is not true. In fact, the majority of pathologists will be involved with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viruses, infections and disease. In legal matters, the skills and experience of a pathologist expert witness may be invaluable to a solicitor. At Foresight Clinical Services, we are proud to provide the most targeted network of UK pathology expert witnesses. We therefore know first-hand the cases for which a pathology expert witness has proved instrumental in providing essential evidence to support fair trial. We want to share when and why a solicitor may call upon the assistance of a pathologist expert witness.

When Might a Solicitor Appoint a Pathologist Expert Witness?

Since the genesis, transfer, and manifestation of disease, infection and viruses can occur at any site and at variable speeds around the body, the field of pathology is unsurprisingly vast and ever-varied. The variety of cases for which a pathologist expert witness might be appointed is equally vast. For example, a large proportion of their medico legal work will be working on cases of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice covers a practically unlimited range of medical errors, though in the interest of a pathologist expert witness it may include missed or delayed diagnosis, laboratory and surgical errors which have caused the spread of disease or infection. Such mistakes may lead to a patient’s increased suffering, or in some cases, their premature death.

Pathology Assessments to Diagnose and Decipher Level of Pain and Suffering

A pathologist expert witness is profoundly skilled in assessments at every stage of the patient journey. This includes when a patient’s cells and/or tissues are initially tested and a diagnosis is made consequently, as well as the course and accumulation of the disease or infection through the body, and should the illness lead to death a pathologist expert witness will have assessed patients post-mortem too. Acting as a pathology expert witness, the specialist medical evidence gathered as a result of these assessments can be substantial components to the solicitor’s case. In short, the assessments carried out by the pathologist expert witness can determine whether medical malpractice has occurred and to what extent this has caused further suffering to the patient.

Pathology Report for Court and Objective Medical Opinion

Alongside and at the close of their assessments, the pathologist expert witness will produce a comprehensive pathology report. The pathology report documents the method of their assessments and their medical conclusions. Crucially, whilst highly detailed, the pathology report is written in layman’s terms and is therefore accessible not only to the solicitor who can use it directly to form and strengthen their case, but also to the court. By sharing the pathology report in court, the solicitor can ensure that everyone present is fully informed of the new evidence before making their closing decisions. Since the professional status of a pathologist expert witness is recognised and respected by the court, they may be asked to give their expert medical opinion in court. This can further strengthen the solicitor’s case.

The instruction of a pathologist expert witness is not just preferable in relevant cases, but often essential in order to support fair trial and prevent the miscarriage of justice. To appoint a pathology expert witness, get in touch with a Foresight case manager today. We will provide you with the CV of the best suited expert witness within just 24hours.


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