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Medical, forensic, or psychological experts can provide crucial expert witness reports for family, criminal or immigration cases to support both defendant and prosecution in a criminal cases or court decisions and directions for family matters

With over 15 years of expert witness management to draw on, Foresight’s expert witness panel continues to be instrumental in assisting law firms, the CPS and Local Authorities, compiling and presenting expert witness reports. So much so that we’re recognised as an industry-leading provider of substantiating criminal, family law and immigration expert witness reports.

Foresight understands that solicitors, the crown prosecution service and local authorities don’t necessarily have the time to start recruiting an expert witness who possesses the skills and experience to present clinical, scientific or a range of other specialist analytical facts. Nor single-out the most suitably skilled or experienced expert themselves.

Which is why over 15 years has been invested in building and maintaining a leading national panel of over a 1000 expert witnesses that can provide easy and instant access for our customers.

Expert Reports Provided by Experienced Expert Witness’

Our panel of expert witness offer a wealth of career experience in various fields, including psychology, psychiatry, forensic science and IT, cell site analysis, CCTV and mobile phone analysis and medical negligence.

The expert witness panel offers invaluable evidence-gathering and sharing, with real world-practiced insights into individual experts’ areas of specialism. Culminating in the creation of expert witness reports which can significantly strengthen family, criminal and immigration court cases.

Those professionals who comprise our expert witness panel are all recruited based on their expertise, knowledge and experience and they sit on our national panel and offer their services both independently and impartially. Expert witness’ have a duty to the courts, in helping to achieve the overriding objective by presenting opinion, which is objective and unbiased, backed by their many years of accumulative knowledge and training. Therefore, our experts are well equipped to cover both prosecution and defence cases to present a medical or technical view.

In addition to this, all our experts are registered with relevant professional bodies, hold valid qualifications and indemnity insurance and are well versed in trial proceedings and court etiquette to provide a reliable, trusted and professional service from instruction to completion of case.

Expertise to Deliver Expert Reports

By opening up our expert witness panel, those seeking specific expertise will benefit from the knowledge and experience of some of the most eminent and learned professionals. Our panel covers niche areas, with experts that are at the peak of their professional careers, the breadth of expert areas on Foresight’s panel even extends to meteorology, gemology, dog behaviour and lip-reading.

Gemology, is the expertise focused on gemstones, gemstone experts offer forensic appraisals concerning market values, evaluation theory, market research and methodology. Lip reading experts would be enlisted to create expert witness reports, for interpreting conversations captured on CCTV footage. No matter the case, we’ve got the expert with the exact specification to help, and if we don’t our team will source the right expert for you.

All Foresight’s expert witness’ are managed by a skilled and experienced team of dedicated account managers and administrators, whose role encompasses the selecting of the right expert for the case. A team who ultimately delivers the completed expert reports within timescales and agreed service levels.


If you have a case you that you believe can be supported by an expert witness report then get in touch today.


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