Dec 6, 2022 by Foresight

Breaking News: Santa is Officially Declared Missing

Following a letter of instruction Foresight received from Mrs Clause, it appears her husband has disappeared without a trace. That’s right, Santa is missing and it’s going to take a crack team of professionals to find out what happened and get him back in time for Christmas.

Of course, our experts and dedicated account managers are ready to jump at the opportunity to save Christmas! Luckily, we have the resources and experience to make sure Santa is found quickly, efficiently, and without causing any additional stress to what is already a tough time for Mrs Clause. Afterall, we have over 15 years’ experience and know how important it is to have the most suitable expert working on a case which is why we hand-pick our expert witnesses, ensuring they meet unique case requirements and budget.

Our Fingerprint Experts and Forensic Science Expert Witnesses will be key players in the great Santa mystery. These types of expert witnesses are crucial when uncovering the truth and establishing a timeline of events during many types of criminal cases. They will be pivotal in ascertaining the whereabouts of Saint Nick just weeks before he’s due to set off on his sleigh.

Of course, Rudolph and the gang might need some attention, so one of our of Animal Behaviour experts may need to analyse them to see if they can find clues as to what happened to Santa.  

This is a complex case and we’ll probably need to instruct a number of our expert witnesses including Toxicologists, CCTV Analysis Experts, Cell Site Analysis Experts, Forensic Accountants, and Medical Experts to find Santa and save Christmas!

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