Apr 27, 2022 by Foresight

How Foresight is Helping the Crown Prosecution Service

When COVID hit, all kinds of businesses were instantly under immense pressure to survive, unsure how they would continue operations with the virus surging quickly across the globe. With the ‘stay at home’ order firmly in place in many countries around the world, organisations big and small were struggling to stay afloat. Production was halted, restaurants and pubs were closed indefinitely, retail shut its doors, and the NHS was on the brink of being overrun by patients battling the virus.

Fast forward 2 years, and most sectors are still struggling to catch up with the backlog of work accrued during lockdown. The Crown Prosecution Service is no exception, with significant challenges we have faced, and continue to face, in managing court backlogs and casework pressures.” The CPS has managed “to maintain its service to the public” despite “increased caseloads due to the pandemic” by moving staff to offer additional support and receiving a deployment of resources during an extremely busy time.

How Foresight Helps the CPS

With over 15 years of expert witness management to draw on, Foresight’s expert witness panel continues to be instrumental in assisting the CPS, law firms, and local authorities by compiling and presenting expert witness reports.

We work within legal aid rates, and our efficiency and unparalleled quality has led us to be recognised as an industry-leading provider of substantiating criminal, family law and immigration expert witness reports. We work quickly to find the ideal expert for you, so you can get your case to trial promptly. Our fast delivery of experts means the backlog of cases the CPS is currently facing after COVID can be cleared quickly and effectively.

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and effective response to all expert witness requirements. Our experts can file reports between two to four weeks from formal instruction. On occasion, we have turned around reports within 24 hours.

Instructing an expert through Foresight saves time and is cost effective. We hand select our experts and ensure that they meet the unique requirements of your case.

Our Broad Range of Experts Include:

We also have a number of niche specialists on our panel and can source any type of expert necessary to your case.

Streamlined Forensic Report

Introduced in 2012, and originally designed by law enforcement and CPS with a view to expediting court cases in England and Wales, Streamlined Forensic Reports outline the results of forensic testing to defence as early as possible in the proceedings. Our experts can provide streamlined forensic reporting that can be relied on by prosecution that identifies key findings. 

A streamlined forensic report can:

  • Avoid the need for a full report if a streamlined report is unlikely to be disputed
  • Ensure additional testing is done only when the case requires it
  • Encourage early guilty pleas
  • Ensure that justice is dispensed more swiftly
  • Reduce costly trial proceedings

These reports can ensure a swift presentation of key evidence in a manor that is fair and appropriate.  Our unrivalled panel can provide the Crown Prosecution Services access to the most experienced experts, efficiently to ensure their case is not delayed.

Our Process

We specifically designed our processes to ensure our customers can instruct an expert witness with ease and have full transparency to the progress of their instruction.

Starting an enquiry with Foresight couldn’t be simpler. You can call us, email us, or complete an online form and one of our team will get in touch. Once we’ve established your case needs, you’ll be assigned a account manager who will source the most relevant expert for your case. Your dedicated account manager will then provide a quote, and will include your experts CV.

If you decide to move ahead with Foresight, we take care of the rest. We’ll liaise with your expert, arranging all assessments and ensuring your timescales are met. Your account manager will keep you updated on the progress of your report.

Once we receive your report, we’ll proofread and format it before sending it to you along with our invoice. If the expert is required to attend court, we’ll arrange that for you too.

If you’d like to talk to our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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